Extensive Construction Experience

Slide Registered with the Master Builders Association of Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority, the Equisent Construction division has worked on projects from $1m to $500m. Our University educated management team have formulated their construction and project management skills from many years in top tier international construction firms. Slide - Multi-unit townhouse developments
    -Multi apartment developments with lift and basement carpark    
-Retirement villages, aged care facilities, medical clinics, NDIS disability accommodation      
-Unique architectural high-end projects    
-Subdivisions and small to medium sized commercial construction    
-Access to construction finance and Joint Venture opportunities



We have built projects ranging from single houses, to 42 apartments complexes, and 105 bed aged care facilities. We live and breathe the construction motto of time/cost/quality, with our overall focus on quality. It is very rare for a project to meet the expectations of all three, (ie the highest quality, at the cheapest cost, at the shortest time) however, we believe we are among the best in achieving the best outcomes overall.

It is a widely held myth that construction contracts should be determined mainly by price, and it is our strong belief that you get what you pay for. Most people do not buy the cheapest clothes, nor wear the cheapest shoes, nor drive the cheapest car they can afford. So why pick your builder by the cheapest price?

If you are not in the construction industry, you would not know the lengths some builders go to save costs: whether it is by substituting cheaper overseas sourced fittings and fixtures, halving insulation, or deliberately underquoting your job to win your business, and then slowly raising up the price through variations through the contract (or the worse: going bankrupt halfway through your project and re-emerging in a new company shell!).

The building industry needs more practitioners who understand the value of intelligent cost value analysis, and you should ask your builder to work with you in a joint partnered arrangement to give you the best quality for the best cost. Not the cheapest cost.

Equisent Constructions have the knowledge and the experience through years of professional construction consultancy to guide you through the maze of the construction process, providing guidance every step of the way. We work harmoniously with architects, designers, financiers, consultants, and developers and we can help you with your project. Browse the links below for a small sample of our recent projects.

Apartment Luxury

51 New St Brighton is a landmark building on the beach side of Brighton, a pinnacle of luxury in a rarified location. 21 apartments and a freestanding townhouse at the rear, The Mews is a beacon amongst jewels. Total construction value $15m

Aged Care Extensions

The aged care extension at Kline St Ballarat was one of the first, if not the first, modular aged care construction project in all of Victoria. Utilising a steel frame and cladding/lockup completed in the factory, the entire superstructure was completed on site in 10 days. Modular construction is the way of the future. Total Project value $10m

Boutique Luxury Housing

Nestled in the prestigious Golden Mile locale of Canterbury, Golden Oaks is a set of three luxury boutique houses, complete with Italian Valentino tiles, Miele appliances, and Villeroy Boche whiteware. Total Value $12m

Modern Medical Allied Health Clinic

Major allied health super clinic for Modern Medical, 2 storey with Pharmacy, Radiology, Physio, Consulting Rooms. Construction Value $6m